Our Mission

By supporting the entire family with Christ at the center, our mission at Connecting the Pieces strives to make a difference and offer a lasting fun-filled experience for the families of children with disabilities, essentially providing a safe, sensory stimulating play environment that is therapeutic and fun.

Our Concept

​Our facility is an easy access walk-in kids' playroom, gym, and recreation area, designed specifically for the needs of children with disabilities.  Materials and activities are provided for sensory, exploration, discovery, and creativity.  

One of our many goals is for therapists to utilize this space and location for Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Developmental and Occupational Therapy and Recreational Therapy.

Therapists can engage in meaningful therapeutic activities that aid in the progress and learning of each individual.  Individual therapy sessions are welcomed and can be scheduled.

Child Care is not available in our facility;  however, trained staff are available to assist if needed, or upon request.  Children are to be assisted and supervised at all times by a care-giver or guardian.  A de-escalation area is available as to prevent harm to an individual child and others attending our facility. 

Happy little boy having fun in ball pit

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